Micrometer Elastic

Elasticsearch is an open source search and analytics platform. Metrics stored in Elasticsearch can be visualized in Kibana.

1. Installing micrometer-registry-elastic

For Gradle, add the following implementation:

implementation 'io.micrometer:micrometer-registry-elastic:latest.release'

For Maven, add the following dependency:


2. Configuring

The following example configures an ElasticSearch instance:

ElasticConfig elasticConfig = new ElasticConfig() {
    public String get(String k) {
        return null;
MeterRegistry registry = new ElasticMeterRegistry(elasticConfig, Clock.SYSTEM);

ElasticConfig is an interface with a set of default methods. If, in the implementation of get(String k), rather than returning null, you instead bind it to a property source, you can override the default configuration. For example, Micrometer’s Spring Boot support binds properties that are prefixed with management.metrics.export.elastic directly to the ElasticConfig:

    # You will probably want disable Elastic publishing in a local development profile.
    enabled: true

    # The interval at which metrics are sent to Elastic. The default is 1 minute.
    step: 1m

    # The index to store metrics in, defaults to "micrometer-metrics"
    index: micrometer-metrics

3. Elastic APM agent integration

If you are using the Elastic APM agent, it can automatically collect metrics from Micrometer MeterRegistry instances. If you want only metrics collected by the Elastic APM agent and not shipped anywhere else, you can use the SimpleMeterRegistry. See the Elastic docs for more details.