Micrometer Instana

Instana is an automatic application performance management and infrastructure monitoring system.

1. Installation and Configuration

Instana automatically detects and reports all metrics without the need of any additional dependency or configuration. It does so by detecting all instances of io.micrometer.core.instrument.MeterRegistry and collecting all registered io.micrometer.core.instrument.Meter instances from them.

You can run the Instana agent alongside your application by using Micrometer, and the Instana agent automatically monitors it.

2. Supported Metrics

  • Timer: The total time of recorded events, scaled to milliseconds.

  • Counter: The cumulative count since this counter was created.

  • Gauge: The current value.

  • DistributionSummary: The total number of all recorded events.

  • LongTaskTimer: The current number of tasks being executed.

  • FunctionCounter: The cumulative count since this counter was created.

  • FunctionTimer: The total time of all occurrences of the timed event.

  • TimeGauge: The current value, scaled to the appropriate base unit.

The metrics show up on the Java Virtual Machine dashboard in Instana. You can configure alerting based on these metrics.